SunLock is an Australian designed and manufactured solar panel mounting system - in fact, it's a rack mounting system designed by Energy Matters sister company, Apollo Energy! The unique rack system has been developed through the decades of collective experience of our CEC accredited installers.


Utilising custom built aluminium extrusions and components, the SunLock system’s design greatly streamlines construction.

Benefits of the SunLock framing and mounting system include:

  • Aluminium 6106-T6 extrusion
  • Building height up to 200 m
  • Roof slope range 10º to 65º
  • Optional tilt legs for greater solar efficiency
  • Corrosion resistant, providing low maintenance and extended product life cycle
  • Can be used to secure a vast array of solar panel thicknesses
  • Easy to install with adjustable locking devices
  • Installation site: residential, commercial, remote area and marine applications
  • Complies with Australian/New Zealand Standard on Wind Actions, AS/NZS 1170.2.2011

Clear and comprehensive installation instructions are provided with all SunLock products, including engineering drawings and AS/NZS1170.2:2011 compliance certificates.

A properly installed SunLock mounting system is the simplest way to save time and money; while ensuring compliance with CEC guidelines.

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