REC Peak Energy 260W poly module, silver frame, MC4

Electrical Characteristics

Maximum power at STC:
260 W
Open-circuit voltage:
37.8 V
Optimum operating voltage:
30.7 V
Short-circuit current:
9.01 A
Optimum operating current:
8.5 A
Operating temperature:
-40 to +85 °C
Series Fuse Rating:
25 A
Maximum system voltage:
1000 VDC

Temperature Coefficients

Short circuit current temperature coefficient:
0.074 %/K
Open circuit voltage temperature coefficient:
-0.33 %/K
Peak power temperature coefficient:
-0.40 %/K



Mechanical Characteristics

38 mm
991 mm
38 mm
18 kg




Real-world testing of 46 solar module brands during all seasons and light conditions performed throughout 2011 by industry publication Photon Magazine found REC solar panels to be the best performing panel. 

REC Peak Energy solar panels have also demonstrated excellent performance after undergoing potential-induced degradation (PID) resistance testing.

REC solar panels are particularly well suited to Australian conditions, having temperature ratings that are best in their class. REC has closed the gap between performance characteristics of polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panels with the Peak Energy series!   

REC Peak Energy 260 Watt Solar Panel Features    

  • An incredible 15.8% conversion efficiency
  • 3 strings of 20 polycrystalline cells - 3 by-pass diodes
  • Tempered glass with Sunarc Technology antireflection surface treatment 
  • MC4 connectors
  • Energy payback of only 12 months
  • Enhanced contact between the cell and metal fingers, increasing electrical flow. 
  • IEC61730-2 fire rating test compliant

REC Peak Energy 260watt Grid Connect Solar Panel Warranty   

  • 10 years limited warranty of 90% power output
  • 25 years limited warranty of 80% power output
  • 63 months workmanship warranty

REC Peak Energy 260watt Grid Connect Solar Panel downloads   

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