SolarFrontier CIS 150W thin film solar panel

Electrical Characteristics

Maximum power at STC:
150 W
Open-circuit voltage:
110 V
Optimum operating voltage:
79 V
Short-circuit current:
2.1 A
Optimum operating current:
1.9 A
Operating temperature:
-40 To +85 °C
Series Fuse Rating:
4 A
Maximum system voltage:
1000 VDC

Temperature Coefficients

Short circuit current temperature coefficient:
+0.01 %/K
Open circuit voltage temperature coefficient:
-0.3 %/K
Peak power temperature coefficient:
-0.31 %/K


MC4 compatible

Mechanical Characteristics

1257 mm
977 mm
1257 mm
20 kg




Solar Frontier’s new 150 watt CIS solar panels offer the highest conversion efficiency of any mass-produced thin-film module - and without the use of lead or cadmium.

The modules feature a light-soaking effect unique to Solar Frontier’s CIS (Copper, Indium, Selenium) technology, which provides higher output than initially specified. Under partial shading, the unique patterning of these CIS photovoltaic modules also keeps voltage drop to a minimum. 

Fewer production steps and raw materials needed for manufacturing Solar Frontier's CIS modules also mean an industry-leading energy payback time of less than one year. 

These CIS thin film modules have a temperature coefficient of 0.31%/K - around 30-50% lower than for many crystalline solar panels      

Solar Frontier CIS solar panel features          

  • Highest efficiency of up to 12.6%
  • Light soaking effect boosts output after installation
  • Higher performance than rated value can be expected after installation
  • Cadmium and lead free thin film module
  • Energy payback time of under a year

Solar Frontier 150 watt solar module warranty          

  • 5 year product warranty
  • 25 year performance warranty          

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